Removing a mastectomy drain

Mastectomy drain

Mastectomy incision & drain

Yesterday my second drain was removed. This drain went up into my chest under my skin about 8 inches toward my incision and the center of my chest. I am now drain-free! Damn, it felt great to take a shower after 18 days of sponge baths. It was another first, a shower without a breast: weird, sad, scary.

The amount of my left side that’s 100% numb is very troubling for me. My surgeon told me feeling may never come back. I find that thought difficult to deal with. My tactile self cannot grasp not being able to feel a part of my body. My left arm and side now come with warnings: Do not leave out in sun. Do not take blood pressure or blood from this arm. Do not compress. Do not injure. Do not burn. In other words: be careful. And in case you didn’t know, careful is not my middle name.

I don’t look at what has happened so far and think: My breast was taken away from me. My body betrayed me. I’m battling cancer. I’m constantly reminded that it does not matter what I want right now; what matters is  creating a treatment plan for cancer. My list of wants is getting smaller and smaller as one by one my options fade and disappear. I didn’t want to have to have chemo and I don’t want my arm and side to be numb. I now have to work with an increasingly small and limited set of perimeters.

Wednesday we meet with the oncologist and keep moving forward.

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  1. Leah…You are a strong, brave woman. Thank you for the inspiration you give to everyone! I wanted to let you know I know a little about not being able to feel a part of your body. I had surgery on a broken leg in April and to this day I have no feeling on the right side of my right knee (they went through the knee to get bone for a bone graft) and I can’t feel the bottom of my foot. I don’t know if it will come back or not. I know that from time to time, I get sharp pains through the foot. When I step on something with bare feet, it hurts more than it would if I had feeling. It is very odd not to have feeling in part of your body. People don’t understand that. Just remember, all of this is the process of you becoming well again. Keep talking about it. Keep sharing! You rock, sister!!!

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  3. I try to tell myself that my body did not betray me; cancer is an intruder. An invader. My body is an army, and I am the general. We’re going into battle together, and there will be casualties, but in the end, we’re going to crush the enemy.


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